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Styled Corporate Shoot

This was a dream shoot on every level! I was given full creative license to use my imagination and to truly PLAY during this shoot. Beforehand, I created concepts with the Marketing Team and knew their vision. I requested the owner allow us to shoot the Restaurant with local talent. With the help of the waitstaff and kitchen staff, I was able to stage every aspect of this shoot perfectly! 

By the end of our shooting day, we had live in-action shots;  staged shots for promotional materials and styled food shots. It was a dream shoot. 

BSG 2nd shoot (109).JPG
BSG 2nd shoot (87).JPG
BSG 2nd shoot (29).JPG
BSG 2nd shoot (12).JPG
BSG #1 (c) AAP (44).JPG
BSG 2nd shoot (125).JPG
BSG #1 (c) AAP (14).JPG