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Concord University: The President's Official Portrait & A Marketing Campaign

This story is one of my favorites of how my playful and spontaneous nature allows me to capture the very soul of a person in front of me. I was hired to do promotional and marketing images for a lovely college that was in the process of revamping their recruiting materials for outreach. The team allowed me to bring numerous ideas and concepts and on the days of the shoot, I met with the new President of the university for a brief time. She really enjoyed my energy and my enthusiasm and asked if I would be interested in taking a photo of her. Naturally, I said yes and spent a few days designing a shoot specifically for her. Turns out, she was looking for an Official Portrait to hang in the library - where all the past Presidents images were hung. Our spontaneous and fun-filled photo shoot allowed her to relax and as she trusted my vision and gave feedback about what she loved, she found the portrait she was looking for.