Blacksburg Virginia Wedding Photographer
April Amodeo | the Playful, Intuitive Artist & Photographer
Intuition Guides Me. Playfulness Drives Me. Spontaneity Delights Me.

About Me...

Playful Artist

Intuitive Photographer

Spontaneous Energy

I believe that when life gives me lemons, I''ll make lemon meringue pie. Why would I ever settle for mere lemonade? 

I believe vanilla is the Flavor of gods - a luscious blank canvas on which to create any sweet  decadent masterpiece. 

I believe that every day that ends in "y" is a fantastic day to go fishing! 

I name my plants.

I believe that being nice to rude customer service reps is the very best revenge.  

Coffee is my  crack. I’d snort instant crystals if that would deliver a bigger jolt.

I worship the sunrise over the ocean. I've been known to make a 7-hour pilgrimage for just a few minutes of fresh, salty air. 

I wear black. All the time. Except when I go to funerals. 

Bare feet. Hiking Boots. Showgirl heels… Mmmm... That is all. 

You’re never completely naked if you’ve got great mousse in your hair.

Boredom killed the cat. 

I believe that Artists & Musicians are the bravest souls in the world because they choose to share their raw painful bits of themselves with complete strangers. 

I can climb a 40’ rock wall in a cave in pitch black darkness -  without a safety line - and I still won’t climb a 6’ ladder, cuz that’s just plain crazy!!!! 

I believe in sleeping on 1500 thread-count sheets and camping without electricity. Dichotomies don’t scare me!

- A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid

to fall in love with these people.   - Annie Liebovitz